Великотърновски университет

Стипендии за онлайн обучение в Шанхайския университет „Дзяо Тун“

The International Education Center from the School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has opened 2021 International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Online Program for enrollment, and are currently offering a one-semester scholarship for the 2022 spring semester online Chinese language program, with the following details.


I. Program period.

February 21 - June 24, 2022


II. Classes.

Every Monday to Friday, 16:00-19:30

Online learning (through VOOVMEETING software), students do not need to come to China, we do not provide student visas.


III. Scope of scholarship funding.

Only covers online course tuition, no living expenses and housing allowance.


IV. Application requirements.

1. Have a HSK score (no requirement for level and score)

2. Non-Chinese citizens outside of China

3. Be interested in Chinese language education, teaching and related work, and have a passion for Chinese language learning

4. Be aged between 18-35 years old. Age limit for in-service Chinese teachers up to 45 years old.

5. Have not previously received an online international Chinese language teacher scholarship

6. Be sure to attend classes at the scheduled times before applying for the scholarship


IV. Application Method.

Please fill out the attached excel form and send back to iso@sjtu.edu.cn with the photocopy of the HSK certificate.

*Please name the files with your full name.


Application deadline: Nov. 8, 2021