Великотърновски университет

Указания за провеждане на онлайн изпити за покриване на ниво по китайски език HSK/HSKK

Information for candidates of the Chinese Proficiency Test

HSK/HSKK Home Network Exam


I. Registration conditions

(1) Candidates who are outside of mainland China (except for South Korea and Vietnam that have resumed their normal exams) can register for the exam at the local test center, and cross-country exams are strictly prohibited.

(2) Candidates are in mainland China, but they are not able to take regular exams, and if their home colleges or nearby test sites hold home network exams, they can apply for the test with permission from the test sites.

(3) Possess rooms and test equipment that meet the requirements of the home test environment.

(3) Be able to fully understand and accept the relevant rules of the home network test.


II. Exam requirements

(1) Environmental requirements

1. Have a safe, closed, well-lit, and non-interfering room. It is not allowed to take exams in open places such as parks, Internet cafes, and restaurants.

2. During the test, the room can be forbidden for others to enter and exit, and no test prohibited items appear in the room.

(2) Equipment requirements

1. Computer: Windows (7/8/10) operating system, the recommended setting for screen resolution is above 1440 * 900 (minimum setting is above 1366 * 768).

2. Software: download and install the client of the Chinese network examination system. 

3. Network: Internet speed 100KB / s and above.

4. Camera: high-definition (more than 300,000 pixels), the room is well-lit and the camera is clear.

5. Headphones: clear sound and good sound insulation.

6. Microphone (required for the HSKK speaking test): The recording is clear and free of noise. Note: Candidate Side-Examination Environment Inspection Address


(3) Registration requirements
1. In order to ensure the safety of the test operation, Hankao International or a third-party Chinese test center may be allowed to collect test-related information from you, including: name, photo, certificate information, and monitoring audio and video records during the test. We will only collect and use these types of personal information to the extent permitted by law and when needed for Hankao ’s legitimate international business purposes (such as maintaining exam security).
2. Upload a photo that meets the requirements of the electronic version when registering for the HSK and HSKK exams. The style requirements are as follows:
-My recent (within 3-6 months before the test date) ID photo (standard two inches), daily life photos and landscape photos are prohibited;
-It is not allowed to wear hats, scarves, hair bands, and sunglasses (except those with special religious beliefs);
-Both black and white or color photos are acceptable, preferably with a white background.
The schematic is as follows:
Note: The registration photo will be used to log in before the test and face recognition during the test. If the identity verification fails due to the photo provided by the candidate, the test results will be cancelled and the registration fee will not be refunded.
3. Within the stipulated date, complete the registration of the Chinese language test service at the website www.chinesetest.cn. Completing the payment of the test fee is considered to be a successful registration. If you encounter difficulties in online registration, you can contact the test center for assistance in registration.
4. International registration is strictly prohibited.


III. Preparation before the test

1. Log in to the Chinese Examination Service Network 3 days before the test, query / print the admission ticket at the Personal Information Center, and confirm the personal information (such as name, nationality, gender, certificate type and number, etc.) and examination information (including examination subjects, test time, test center name, test sites instructions, etc.) on the admission ticket.

2. Log in to the client of the Chinese online test system to prepare for the test 30 minutes before the test (not later than 10 minutes before the test). If you are late due to personal devices, network, etc., you will not be allowed to make up time or make up the test.

3. Complete equipment and environmental testing.

1) Camera inspection

2) Check the audio equipment such as headphones

3) Network inspection

4) Read and agree to the exam rules carefully.

5) Enter the correct admission ticket number and password while the commencement of the test counts down.

6) On the test day, if the identity verification or test environment is judged to be unqualified, the test shall not be conducted and the registration fee will not be refunded.


IV. Exam discipline

1. On the day of the test, the candidate must answer independently in the test room. During the test, no other person can enter or leave the room, and no items unrelated to the test should appear.

2. During the test, computers, keyboards and other test supplies must be placed on the desktop at all times. It is prohibited to use paper, electronic equipment and other items to copy and record test questions.

3. In order to ensure the safety of the examination, the examination staff will supervise in real time during the examination process, and conduct the non-fixed camera capture and face recognition identity verification. In order to ensure smooth recognition, the candidate must keep the shoulder and above within the range of the camera during the entire test.

4. On the day of the test day, if the test is not taken or completed due to reasons other than the test organizer, the result shall be borne by the candidate himself. The Hankao International and the test center will not make up the time for the test, and the registration fee will not be refunded.

5. Hankao International and the test center will reserve the right to hold candidates accountable for disciplinary violations.


V. Results report

1. Results query

10 days after the end of the HSK test and 25 days after the end of the HSKK test, you can log in to the Chinese test service website (www.chinesetest.cn) and enter your admission ticket number and name to check your score.

2. Results report application

After the results are announced, you can log in to the personal information center, select "extra score report", and apply for the score report by mail to me or the college.










  1. 具备一个安全、封闭、光线充足、无干扰的房间, 不得在公园、网吧、餐厅等开放场所进行考试。
  2. 考试过程中房间能够禁止他人出入,且房间内没有 任何考试禁止物品出现。


  1. 电脑:Windows(7/8/10)操作系统,屏幕分辨率建 议设置 1440*900 以上(最低设置 1366*768 以上)。
  2. 软件:下载安装汉语网络考试系统客户端。


  1. 网络:网速 100KB/s 及以上。
  2. 摄像头:高清(像素 30 万以上),房间光线充足,摄像清晰。
  3. 耳机:放音清楚,隔音效果好。
  4. 麦克风(HSKK 口语考试需要):录音清晰,无杂音。注 :  考  生   端  -  考  试 环 境  检 测  地 址



  1. 为保障考试运营安全,允许汉考国际或第三方汉语考试考点可能向您收集考试相关信息,包括:姓名、照片、 证件信息及考试期间监控音视频记录等。我们只会在法律允许的范围内以及为汉考国际合法业务目的(例如维护考试安全性)所需时收集和使用这些类型的个人信息。
  2. HSK 和HSKK 考试报名时上传符合要求的电子版照片, 样式要求如下:
  • 本人近期(考试日期前 3-6 个月内)证件照(标准二寸),禁止生活照、风景照;
  • 不允许佩戴帽子、头巾、发带、墨镜(有特殊宗教信仰的除外);
  • 黑白或彩色照片均可,以白色背景为佳。




  1. 在 规 定 日 期 内 , 完 成 汉 语 考 试 服 务 网www.chinesetest.cn 注册报名,以交纳考试费用完成视为报名成功,网上报名遇到困难时可联系所报考点协助报名。
  2. 严禁跨国报考。三、考前准备
  1. 考前 3 天登录汉语考试服务网,于个人信息中心查询/打印准考证,确认准考证上面的个人信息(如姓名、国 籍、性别、证件类型和号码等)和考试信息(包括考试科目、考试时间、考点名称、考场须知等)。
  2. 考前 30 分钟(最晚不得迟于考前 10 分钟)登录汉语网络考试系统客户端准备考试,如因个人设备、网络等原因迟到,不进行补时、补考。
  3. 完成设备和环境检测。1)摄像头检查
  1. 耳机等放音设备检查
  2. 网络检查
  1. 认真阅读并同意考试规则。
  2. 输入正确的准考证号、密码进入考试倒计时。
  3. 考试日当天,身份核验或考试环境被判定不合格的, 不得进行考试,报名费用不予退还。



  1. 考试日当天,考生本人须独立在考试房间中进行作 答,考试过程中,房间内不得有其他任何人员出入,不得出现任何考试无关物品。
  2. 考试期间,电脑、键盘等考试用品须全程放置在桌面上,禁止使用纸张、电子设备等一切物品抄写记录试题。
  3. 为保证考试安全,考试过程中将有考试工作人员实时进行监管,并通过摄像头非固定抓拍和人脸识别身份核验, 为保证识别顺利,考生本人须保持肩膀及以上部位全程在摄 像头范围内。
  4. 考试日当天,因非考试主办方原因没有参加或者完 成考试的,结果由考生本人承担,汉考国际与考点不予补时补考,报名费用不予退还。
  5. 汉考国际与考点将保留对考生违纪行为进行考后追 责的权利。


  1. 成绩查询

HSK 考试结束 10 日后、HSKK 考试结束 25 日后,可登录汉语考试服务网(www.chinesetest.cn),输入本人准考证号码和姓名查询成绩。

  1. 成绩报告申请