Великотърновски университет

"Sonya" Kindergarten celebrates the Chinese New Year

With lots of emotions and festive spirit, the children of “Sonya” Kindergarten in Veliko Tarnovo welcomed the Chinese New Year, which took place on the eve of 5th of February. The children performed two songs in Chinese - "Happy New Year" and " The Gigantic Turnip". The feast continued with the Lion Dance, which was presented by second-year students, studying Applied linguistics with Chinese language at the University of Veliko Tarnovo.

Among the participants were also Chinese volunteer teachers at the Confucius Institute in University of Veliko Tarnovo which taught traditional Chinese crafts to the children. They showed them how to do paper cutting, how to tie traditional Chinese knots for health and luck and how to write calligraphy. The organizers had also prepared and surprise for the children - traditional Chinese dishes – Baozi and Jiaozi. These are the traditional specialties that the Chinese put on their festive table for the New Year.