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中国与中东欧政治、经济、文化关系 - 2019

中国与中东欧政治、经济、文化关系 -  2019 中国与中东欧政治、经济、文化关系 -  2019

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ISSN: 2603-5030 (Print); ISSN 2603-5391 (Online)

Diplomatic, Economic and Cultural Relations between China and Central and Eastern European countries -  2019



  PDF      Content

  PDF      Interdisciplinary approaches in Chinese geography teaching Yana Shishkova

  PDF      Phonetis characters teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages - Shi Yanbin 

  PDF     The "16+1" format and the "new hidden wave of sinopobia" in EU - Nako Stefanov

  PDF      Innovative development of the People's Republic of China Iliyan Mateev

  PDF      Public-private partnership in China and in Bulgaria - Galina Cherneva Zarkova and Hristo Hristozov

  PDF      Some cross-cultural differences between Bulgarian and Chinese people - Iskra Mandova and Plamen Legkostup

  PDF      Universal language of art and the silk road - Plamen Legkostup 

  PDF      Cross-cultural communication of Chinese aesthetics undier the background of the belt and road initiative - Deng Rubin

  PDF      The Bulgarian's film journals in the 1950's and the Chinese cinema: repertoire, receptions and context - Andrinika Martonova

  PDF      The pervasion of Chinese literature and culture in Bulgaria during the period of revival - Polina Tsoncheva 

  PDF      The cyclical nature of the images of China in western travel writing - Pavel Petkov

  PDF      The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty - two models of state in Erazia - Zhivko Zhekov

  PDF      The Chinese folk dance on the silk road during high Tang Dynasty period - Bu Yuanjun

  PDF       Beijing in the 21 century - constantly changing and seen through the eyes of the Bulgarians living there - Teodora Yonkova 

  PDF      Harmony in diversity  - Wang Han 

  PDF      Women and the Chinese martial arts  - Georgi Zlatev 

  PDF      The Four or Five Elemental presence in the micro and macro dimensions of human existence - Valeri Ivanov

  PDF      An analysis of Wushu's development in Central and Eastern Europe - Borislava Lecheva